Program Application

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Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 20.00%
Here at OUTDOOR Supplements we are motivated by building up individuals OUTDOOR passion!
Whether you are a die hard hunter, avid hiker, enthusiastic rock climber, or devoted runner, OUTDOOR Supplements is here to aid you in fueling your OUTDOOR passion.

We promise to do 3 things for our Team Members and that is to build passion, build health, and build memories. 

We are confident that our company will inspire you and others to find or continue participating in their OUTDOOR passion.

Our slogan is Time 2 Play.

We are excited to go over your application and get to know you and see what makes you tick!
we'll get back to you as soon as possible, thanks for your patients.

Refer to our " Program Terms& Policies" tab for affiliate requirements!

Due to the high volume of applications, in
order for us to make a decision regarding your application, please have your
Instagram profile set to public, otherwise, your application may be denied.
Thank you!

  • Our Team Members are asked
    to post twice a month on Instagram or Facebook.

  • Our Team Members are asked
    to TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS for @teamoutdoorsupplements and
    @outdoorsupplements and LIKE and Comment as soon as possible after each
    post is made. (this helps both of us get exposure and followers)

  • TEAM MEMBERS are asked to
    wear, promote, and share Outdoor Supplements product as often as

  • TEAM MEMBERS are asked to
    interact, like, and comment within their own social media channels.
    Engagement is key.

  • All TEAM MEMBERS are asked
    to write a review on Outdoor Supplements Facebook page.

  • All TEAM MEMBERS are asked
    to repost our giveaways and contests

  • All TEAM MEMBERS are asked
    to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and we ask you to
    encourage your network to do the same: #teamoutdoorsupplments #Time2Play

  • TEAM MEMBERS may be asked
    from time to time to help with local events and/or expos.

  • TEAM MEMBERS will contribute
    to feedback requested on new flavors, products, giveaways.

  • TEAM MEMBERS will not
    represent or promote other companies with competing products.

What we do for you!


As a TEAM MEMBER you have the opportunity to
earn commissions with OUTDOOR Supplements! We will pay you 20% commissions to
anyone you 'refer' that purchases our products or apparel. We automatically
assign you a Coupon Code that you can use and give out to friends and family.
When someone purchases (using your coupon code) you will earn 20% of whatever
they purchased.


As an added bonus and exclusive to OUTDOOR
supplements, we have worked a deal with an Instagram Social Media Marketing
agency to help build and promote all of your Instagram accounts. Details will
be given once you are approved, and explained how it will work. 

Why is this helpful? As your numbers grow, so does your influence! This will not only help
our brand awareness but will also help increase your personal brand
sales and bring you additional opportunities from other brands. To give you an
idea of its potential, one team member grew her Instagram numbers from
less than 3k to more than 12k in just over 3 months! These are all real
like-minded targeted users.

We are committed to making this an amazing and
rewarding experience. Your ongoing point of contact will be me, Heber Alldredge.
You can reach me at @teamoutdoorsupplements (IG), #801-717-8241 (cell), and/or
at [email protected] (email).